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Cakrawala: Jurnal Litbang Kebijakan is published twice a year in June and December containing articles result of thought and public policy researchWith registered number ISSN 1978-0354 (Media Cetak), ISSN 2622-013X (Online), Cakrawala: Jurnal Litbang Kebijakan and published by the Research & Development Board East Java Province.

Every received article should follow Author guideline and will be reviewed by journal editors and reviewers who are competent in each related field. The review process use double-blind peer review before the journal is published.

Any submitted paper will be reviewed by reviewers. Review process employs Double-blind Review that the reviewer does not know the identity of the author, and the author does not know the identity of the reviewer.

Cakrawala: Jurnal Litbang Kebijakan has been accredited as a scientific journal by the Ministry of Research-Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia: No. 28/E/KPT/2019

Please submit your manuscript by following journal template and download the draft of Publication Ethics here. Author Fees can be checked here.

Cakrawala: Jurnal Litbang Kebijakan, with registered number ISSN (Media Cetak): 1978-0354, ISSN (Online): 2622-013X have been indexed in:

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